History of Canary's

Spanish sailors were said to have first brought Canaries to Spain back in the 15th century.

Breeds of Canary's

Canaries may be most famous for their song, but there are many other traits that breeders are interested in.

Care & Feeding

Canaries are the only pet finches that can be kept alone. Canaries don’t rely on the company of other birds for happiness.

I have always loved birdsong. In my adult years I discovered singing canaries somewhat by accident. I had purchased a beautiful vintage cage for a room in my home for purely decorative use and then it struck me to maybe put a bird in it. Nothing too loud or chattery. I understand why some people are drawn to parrots and parakeets, being very interactive but for me I wanted a more ” ambient ” pet. So out I went and purchased a Canary. And…. it didn’t sing a note for 6 months , turns out it was a female so I renamed Jerry to now Perry and this time, armed with more information,I went to a breeder and purchased a beautiful Spanish Timberato male – he sang and sang . Every morning the kitchen was filled with his beautiful song after his bath.

From that beginning I have had the pleasure to care for many beautiful singers over the years and to learn a great deal more about these wonderful birds. They require clean water, fresh food with seed daily, a large roomy cage for exercise and of course bath water and they will reward you with their beautiful singing throughout the day.

Because of my background in Interior Design it was important that the cage had an aesthetic appeal as well as being functional. What I found after searching the internet endlessly was every now and then a vintage cage would come on the market and it would be snapped up. I had the good luck to acquire a few of these but there were drawbacks . Being “vintage” they had a fragility about them and usually some ” character” due to age. I became frustrated in that they were so hard to find and when i did find one more often they were purchased so quickly I missed out. And then one day it came to me , why not make my own? So armed with the inspiration from the cages that I had procured, I set out to make a product that had all the style of the vintage cages and at the same time designing them so the little singers would be happy and healthy in their homes. So that is how Songbird Enclosures was born. We use them here at the house in the different rooms and the birds are happy and sing away and I think they look beautiful. Please click on the link below for more information.