Care & Feeding

Canaries are the only pet finches that can be kept alone. Canaries don’t rely on the company of other birds for happiness. If you would like to keep more than one canary , it is best to have separate cages for separate individuals or pairs, or to keep them in a sufficiently large space, with foliage, to allow the timid ones to keep out the way. If not, the less dominant birds will be stressed, or bullied, both of which can lead to death.

Canary Care & Feeding

This is a basic list you can use a guide to keeping your canary happy and healthy

The Living Quarters -A clean roomy enclosure that has a width so that the birds can exercise

The Meal Plan – A well-balanced and varied diet of seeds , greens , fresh fruit and they love hardboiled eggs.

Fresh Water – Fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing

The Environment – Make sure the bird is not subject to stress such as a cat or little kids poking at it’s cage or a dog barking under it. A nice warm room with some activity by you so the bird has a sense of company. We keep ours in the kitchen and Dining room where they love the sound of running water and sing whenever they hear it.